Smart Notes

Each transaction in Coinage has an optional area for notes.  This simple field is a powerful way to add your own custom information to Coinage.

Common use cases are:

  • Hashtags
    One of the most powerful organization tools in Coinage are hashtags.  Simply typing a pound sign(“#”) before a keyword, like “#datenight” or “#expense” allows you to get more customization in your reports.
  • Confirmation Codes or Reference Numbers
    When recording a transaction in Coinage, the notes field is a great place to keep track of the confirmation code or reference number provided by bill pay systems online.
  • Links / URLS
    Notes is a great place to keep up with URLs and links to your online accounts, bill pay systems, bank accounts, etc.
  • Account Numbers
    These days, we have a *lot* of accounts and it’s easy to forget.  We use the notes field to keep up with our account numbers.
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