Just released! Version 1.2 of the best bill tracker around

Coinage TeamApp Updates

In our drive to be the best, we focused v1.2 on making sure Coinage reigns supreme as the best bill tracker out there. Check out our new features below.

What’s New?

  • Great Historical Insights

    The transaction detail view now shows a summary of your payment history.  From there, you can see the full history with the beautiful bill payment history report.

  • Beautiful Activity Timeline

    When is the transaction scheduled? Has it been completed? Quickly glimpse the status of a transaction with the new activity timeline.

  • Smart Notes

    Whether you want to make note of a payment confirmation number or remember your favorite waitress at the burger joint, notes have you covered.

Along with our standard features like beautiful bill reminders, powerful cash flow forecasting and multi-platform data syncing, it’s our hope that the new and improved features introduced in v1.2 cause our users to share our sentiment that Coinage is the best bill tracker available for iPhone, iPad, Android and the web.

If you’re not already using Coinage as a bill tracker or for some of the many other personal finance features, we’d love to have you try us out at no charge. Sign up free.