Preparing Financially for the Holidays

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Between office holiday parties, potluck dinners, buying gifts for eight additional family members you only see once a year, and generally higher ticket items being gifted to your loved ones, preparing for the holiday season can be a stressful financial time. In 2016, shopper’s in the US plan to spend on average $929 dollars this year on gifts according to American Research … Read More

The Truth Behind 0% Interest Credit Cards

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The Odds are NOT in Your Favor   Ever stopped to wonder why companies are so happy to offer you 0% interest credit cards? Or why they are so pleased to let you borrow hundreds or thousands of dollars? All while you walk away with their product?   Is it because they want you to have the latest Super HD TV, or because … Read More

Track Your Holiday Spending with Smart Notes

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Christmas Hashtag

The holidays bring a unique complication to smartly managing your finances.  Budgeting for things like bills is easy, you just tally them up and you’re good to go, but things like fancy dinners and gifts are a different story. One of the best tools you have for managing your personal finances is your own history.  My family uses the hash tagging … Read More